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6 Top Apps to Buy Stocks in Nigeria (How to Buy Shares)

In today’s society, anything can be done from the convenience of your home. Using your smartphone, you may trade and buy anything from anywhere. There are reputable apps to buy stocks in Nigeria in the case of equities or shares. All you have to do is locate the Nigerian stock trading app that is right for you.

Even more than one of these apps can be used to purchase Nigerian stocks.

Purchasing stocks entails purchasing a portion of a company’s shares, which entails purchasing a portion of the company’s ownership. When these stocks or shares increase in value or when you start to receive dividend payments, you can also decide to sell them.

And you may carry out all of this online and with a smartphone.

You may choose which are the best apps for you to buy stocks in Nigeria by reading the details we provide about the various stock trading apps in Nigeria.

Pro Tip: It’s advisable to check for stock trading apps in Nigeria that offer advanced order placement options when making your selection. Orders with limits, orders with brackets, etc. In order to maximize profits when trading stocks, this function might be quite useful.

Let’s address some concerns about stock trading apps before moving on to the list of the top apps for buying stocks in Nigeria.

List of Apps to Buy Stocks in Nigeria

  • Trove
  • Bamboo
  • Chaka
  • Rise vest
  • Chipper Cash
  • Passfolio

Apps to Buy Local & US Stocks in Nigeria

1. Trove

One of the greatest applications for purchasing stocks in Nigeria is Trove. You can invest in domestic and international stocks or shares using this app. Basically, Trove allows you to purchase equities from the American, Chinese, and Nigerian stock exchanges.

Bonds, REITs, and ETF investments are also possible with Trove. The software also includes a number of tools that might improve your investing abilities.

The bare minimum investment on Trove is one thousand. Android and iOS users can download the Trove app.

2. Invest Bamboo

This Nigerian stock trading program, often known as Bamboo app or Invest Bamboo, enables you to trade US equities from within Nigeria. You can access more than 3000 equities listed on the US stock exchange with this app.

With this software, you may also purchase an ETF (a collection of equities) and give other people stock as gifts. Android and iOS users can download Bamboo.

$20 is the required minimum investment on Bamboo.

3. Chaka

One of the trustworthy apps for purchasing stocks in Nigeria is Chaka. With this software, you can purchase US and Nigerian stocks. Chaka was the first fintech business in Nigeria to be granted a license by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission of Nigeria).

With Chaka, you may start trading shares for as little as $10 or N1000. Chaka is accessible on iOS and Android.

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4. Risevest

The other apps to buy stocks in Nigeria mentioned above are considerably different from Risevest. You can invest in dollar-denominated assets like overseas stocks, US real estate, and fixed income opportunities with Riesevest, an automated asset manager.

By allowing you to select a stock investment plan for as little as $10, the Risevest app enables you to invest in US equities. Simply select a plan and fund it, and the Risevest staff will handle the rest. Due to the automation of this stock trading program, you don’t need to conduct any study. Risevest is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

5. Chipper Cash

Anyone may send and receive money across Africa and the UK using the cross-border money transfer app Chipper Cash, which is available in Nigeria. You may invest in stocks and bitcoin using this app as well.

As one among the apps to buy stocks in Nigeria, Chipper Cash enables you to diversify your portfolio by letting you purchase fractional shares of publicly traded overseas firms like Apple, Facebook, and Nike. Chipper provide quick trade executions and minimal commissions.

With the help of this software, you may start trading stocks and send money as well. Chipper Cash is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

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6. Passfolio

You can buy US stocks, ETFs, REITS, and cryptocurrency with the Passfolio app.

If you’re interested in the US stock market, Passfolio is a fantastic place to start when looking for a stock broker in Nigeria. Additionally, this software provides users with smooth deposit and withdrawal options as well as trading without commission.

With Passfolio, you can begin purchasing American stocks from Nigeria for as little as $1.