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Easy To Prepare Vegan Diet Plan

Before I became a vegan, I used to believe incorporating a vegan diet plan means I had to spend a lot of money to buy healthy vegan diet food. On the other side I also think, if I buy cheap junk food of course I would only spend small amount of money but in the long run, how about my medical bill that I have to pay later on because my health get worse and how about my family if I can’t work because I got all the diseases that is caused by junk food. I wanted to be a vegan because I want to be healthy but I also couldn’t afford spending a lot of money to buy healthy vegan food. I got confused but that was then. Nowadays, the cost of healthy food becomes cheaper and cheaper so there is no excuse for me to be careless about my health.

So I began my vegan lifestyle.

At first I don’t know what to do to incorporate a vegan diet plan in my diet plan. I read a lot of vegan diet recipes book and most of them were hard to prepare vegan diet foods. Its just hard for me to set aside time to prepare those vegan food.

I tried low carb vegan diet plan, not only I didn’t lose weight but I also developed headaches, weakness and some rashes after only four weeks. I quit and I changed my weight loss course to low fat vegan plan. I lost three pounds in two weeks then my weight loss stopped entirely. I tried to keep lowering the amount of fat that I consumed but weight didn’t seem to budge.

Can you imagined how stressful I was because of the fact that after all those time I put aside from my busy life to prepare those hard to prepare vegan diet meals, I only managed to lose few pounds?

Well thanks to easy veggie meal plans that was me in the past. This easy veggie meal plan by Kardena Pauza is so special for me because this vegan menu plan covers me for 90 days full of healthy balanced vegan diet foods. Not only that, it also includes coaching call to avoid beginner vegan mistakes, how to deal with “meat lovers” A.K.A “vegan haters” (very important) and vegan smoothies (yummy!!).

I thought I should share the bless that I got for finding this gem for vegan people. So, I began sharing this good news for my friends who are vegans also, they loved it. Nothing comes close to this vegan diet meal plans in terms of healthy, cheap, environmentally friendly, and most importantly easy to prepare. Now, it’s time for me to share to all the people in the world by using this site. I love it, all my friends love it and I’m sure you will love easy veggie meal plans as well as I do.

Best Vegan Diet Meal Plan

What is the criteria for best vegan diet meal plan for vegan? For me it has to be healthy, the one that involve real natural vegan weight loss food and most importantly has to be easy to prepare.

Health for me is the most important thing so my weight loss has to be healthy weight loss. Weight loss drugs are on the very bottom of my list because our body are never made to eat drugs. Eating the best weight loss meal plan without exercising our body means nothing. That’s why exercise plans that’s best for weight loss are on top of my list.

No matter what the box label said, food that comes in a box is bad for our body because it is a processed food. Our body are supposed to eat real natural food.

Most vegan give up eating real natural vegan food and end up eating “supposedly healthy” vegan boxed food because they don’t have the guide for easy to prepare vegan food. That is so wrong. This is where easy veggie meal plans saved my vegan diet plan.

Is Vegan Diet Plan Healthy Diet Plan?

Most people believe that vegan diet plan always equals healthy diet plan. The truth can’t be further than that. Just because a person doesn’t eat meat doesn’t mean that that person is doing a healthy diet. A person can eat meat and be healthy, also a person can be a vegan and be unhealthy. It all comes down to that person’s vegan meal plans. As long as a person eat real food (I mean food that doesn’t come in a box), he/she is most likely living a healthy lifestyle.

More and more people are incorporating vegan eating plan for their weight loss approach but most of these people just can’t keep up with the complication for preparing vegan diet food. In the end they simply give up their vegan weight loss plan. Well I got lucky because I found easy to prepare veggie meal plans by Kardena Pauza.

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