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Benefits of Vegetarian Dieting – Health

Many of us look at vegetarians differently than we look at meat eaters. This is generally due to the fact that we eat meat and think it is healthy. In most cases meat is healthy for us, but red meat is not always the healthiest. Think of how many times this week you have enjoyed eating a meal with little or no meat. For me this is almost impossible. I eat meat all the time, generally with every meal.

Studies have shown that vegetarians live longer, healthier lives than meat eaters. Even those who eat eggs and drink milk, known as lacto-ovo-vegetarians, can live up to three years longer than a minimal meat eater. In fact, vegetarians have a lower risk of heart disease. Although vegetarians can still have heart attacks they may come up to 20 years later than that of a meat eater. Vegetarians also have fewer problems with their immune systems and a lesser chance of getting sick.

Why do vegetarians live longer and have fewer illnesses?

This is because vegetarian meals have less fat and calories. Also, vegetarians eat more polyunsaturated fat and saturated fat when compared to meat eaters. Vegetarians avoid all meat including fish, poultry, and slaughterhouse by products. The makeup of a vegetarian meal includes fruit, vegetables, grains, and nuts, with many vegetarians eating dairy products and free range eggs.

Breakdown of different types of vegetarians:

Vegans avoid any and all animal products.

  • Lacto-vegetarians will eat dairy products but avoid eggs.
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians will eat both dairy and eggs.
  • Fruitarians avoid any and all animal products and processed food.
  • Semi-vegetarians will eat fish and chicken but will avoid red meat.

These are classes of vegetarians. Although semi-vegetarians are not an “actual” vegetarian class they are still considered vegetarians because they avoid red meat, eating only poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. The other classes listed above are complete groups of vegetarians and will only eat what is specified in that class.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to have half the benefits of being a vegetarian. I am not trying to tell you to get rid of the red meat or meat in general. All I am saying is cut back on it. The less red meat you eat during the week, the healthier you will feel. Try to include more vegetables, nuts, berries, grains, and seeds in your daily intake. This will help you take in fewer calories and less fat, putting you on a road to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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Staying Active – Articles for Fruitarians

It’s amazing that when people first go raw and start losing their old cooked body and get their new leaner raw body they panic and automatically assume that they are gonna waste away to nothing, this is totally understandable because I’ve been there many times!

Well don’t panic and let me share my take on the situation with you…

Chances are your just starting your journey on the raw lifestyle and let me tell you that you’ve done well to get this far because going raw is like walking through a landmine because of all the horror stories, myths and hearsay, what I’ve learnt is that transitioning to a raw diet is very similar to detoxing from drugs/alcohol the only difference is that you don’t go to a rehab center, so you’ve probably done a whole bunch of research on the internet and depending on your source of information have come to one of two conclusions

1) That going Raw is just down right dangerous even deadly!

2) That going Raw is the best thing that you can do for yourself!

Well I know from experience that:

1) The people that people that “fail” on the raw diet “fail” because they choose to.

2) The horror stories are urban ledgends perpetuated by the people that choose to “fail”

3) Very few people completely understand the amount of work it takes for their body to rejuvanate itself.

On top of that you have a very weak support system called the “Raw food community” and most raw food forums offer little or no support at all.

So where does that leave you, possibly going around with the wrong impression of the Raw lifestyle, well from my experience the Raw lifestyle is the best gift you can give yourself, it’s best done by living it for yourself and learning to listen to your body which gets easier as you cleanse, most people aren’t prepared for the whole purge of waste and toxins thing and think that it’s all about getting healthier and going from strength to strength, unfortunatly it’s not entirly true.

Going Raw is a total body over haul and should not be taking lightly, so the whole idea that you just change foods and get amazingly healthy and live happily ever after, just ain’t true, at some point your going to experience discomfort and will have to face many stages of detoxification and on top of that your very likely to lose a bunch of retained water and fats which will give the impression of you losing a lot of weight which will send your friends and relatives into a frenzy of concern and you’ll probably get sick and tired of people saying “you look like you’ve escaped from a concentration camp,” unfortunatly this the only reason why alot of people even think about getting active, in the hopes that they can regain their weight by bodybuilding.

The truth is that exercising while transitioning is very benefitial but unless your a longtime 100% Fruitarian/Raw Vegan I can tell you right now that what you want is not gonna happen or it’s not gonna happen when you want it to, building muscle while living a raw lifestyle is a process, It’s taken me over 12 years to get to where I am now and I had to learn to change my thinking and my priorities, once I changed my priorities and completed my cleansing process I was able to do what ever I wanted.

To build muscle while begining a Fruitarian/Raw lifestyle you have to change your way of thinking, you got to buckle down and be patient and serve your time, you got to either help your body complete it’s cleansing or simply wait until your done cleansing naturaly in order to start thinking about anything else, either way you have to respect your body and accept that you are no longer in charge, your making the decision that you want to go raw and get a boat load of muscle but it doesn’t work like that, first if your gonna go Raw Vegan/Fruitarian your bodies gonna go through a major cleansing/detox, your body is not gonna know anything about your fear of becoming too skinny or wanting to add bulk, all it knows is that it now has a job to do of repairing all the damage done by past eating habits, your gonna go through many mental and phyisical changes as you go through this process.

What I’ve learnt from going Fruitarian is that underneath all the fat and waste accumilated over the years from cooked food is our natural size/shape and we shouldn’t be afraid of being at that natural size/shape, yeah for some the change other people see in you maybe dramatic but that just goes to show how much fat, water retention, etc you were holding onto in the first place….so I guess what I’m saying is this, when your just starting out on the Raw lifestyle take care of you bodies needs first, bodybuilding, etc doesn’t even come into the picture until your done cleansing, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t workout because while your in your clean

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