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Becoming A Health Nut: On Veganism

A lot of people are hooked on to eating foods that seems to be comforting, these are unhealthy servings being fattier and greasier leaving you suffering from certain illnesses later on. This generation has been quite fascinated with inventing and trying out food combinations that you never thought of having; the food innovations may be uncanny but most of them have proved to be trendy and a diet worth eating. However, eating with trend doesn’t always count for consuming unhealthy foods—there is a diet that has been going on and in frenzy most especially in today’s food culture. It is called Veganism. Veganism, for starters, is a kind of vegetarian diet that calls for sustaining a plant based diet that avoids consuming not just meat, but all products that are derived from animals be it dairy or eggs. One should not easily jump into a conclusion of negativities when approaching this diet; else, you cannot ask yourself, “Is vegan diet healthy?”

The Vegan Lifestyle

Meat eaters wouldn’t really understand the need to omit meat and animal by-products in their diets because one, it has been inculcated to them since they were born and two, our palates vary; a distinct taste and texture may not be for you as compared to another. The vegan lifestyle is a whole new world of diet since there are a lot of restrictions.

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An Advocacy And A Commitment

Committing to the vegan life is another level of dedication since this kind of lifestyle will not only make you question is vegan diet healthy, but it will change your perspective on food consumption and your advocacy on protecting certain rights such as the animals’. Being vegan is not only about changing the way you eat, but also changing your whole lifestyle—not only in terms of food consumption but also in patronizing non-food products that did not utilize animals or their by-products. This entails from picking your clothing, body, face and hair products to be 100% vegan safe. The vegan lifestyle screams an advocacy that is far different from others—you support a right that is inferior to us humans and promote environmental sustainability as well. So if you are asking yourself at this point, is vegan diet healthy? The answer would be, generally, it is a yes.

Is Vegan Diet Healthy?

As discussed previously, vegan diet would be generally healthy since what you only consume are non-dairy and meat-free products; this would mean that vegetables, fruits and grains would be your only redemption. However, there are exceptions—exceptions that would define that, eating vegan foods may also cause harm on your body if done extremely.

Disadvantages Of Being Vegan

  • Not all vegan foods provide you with enough vitamins and nutrients – There are studies conducted that people on a vegan diet have been experiencing insufficiency of nutrients thereby causing their health to deteriorate. For example, not all seeds and nuts may provide you with more than sufficient amount of protein and fats that will aid your muscle mass to increase. Having protein deficiency will cost you your life since a lack of it will cause malnutrition and a nutritional disorder in your body. This is the common problem for most vegans—they cannot compensate the protein deficiency by consuming considerable amount of legumes, seeds or nuts.
  • Vegans need to take additional supplements – Calcium, Iron, Protein, and B12 are the primary nutrients that our body needs to fully function. A shortage in one would be detrimental to your body as a whole. Therefore, vegans tend to overdo it by over consuming foods that contain these nutrients or they purchase commercial dietary supplements for added boost. Their wallets will sure cry for help.
  • Not all vegetables are always in season – It’s a common problem especially those vegans living in the far north were most vegetables are impossible to grow on such harsh weather thereby depending on seasonal deliveries or imports. You cannot sustain your nutritional needs by just eating potatoes or cabbages every single day.
  • Most people or restaurants are unwelcoming to the idea of veganism – Since most people are ignoramus to veganism or haven’t even come across such term, they tend to ridicule people who are only eating plant-based foods. Restaurants on the other hand, do not always come in with a vegan friendly menu because majority of their customers are omnivores or just plain carnivores who can’t get enough of meat. This would be a hassle for vegans because, if restaurants in your place do not serve vegan food, it would be trouble for a vegan most especially if you have no other restaurant options.
  • Some vegan products are not accessible in certain areas – There are limited shops located at different parts of the country that are particularly offering vegan products.
  • Some vegan products are not always affordable – vegan products are not always affordable since the making of it is such a tedious process and admittedly, the raw products used are also not on the cheaper side.

Benefits Of Being A Vegan

  • Eating vegan diet has a lower risk of heart disease since it is low in cholesterol, salt and fat.
    • Vegan diet provides more vitamins and minerals such as: potassium, magnesium, folate and vitamins A, C and E that you don’t usually get from consuming meat and dairy products. Can help you lose weight— going vegan is a good option if you are trying to lose a considerable amount of weight.
    • Lowers blood sugar and improves your kidney’s function
    • It is also high in fiber and antioxidants that prevents you from having cancer.
    • It has affirmative effects on people who have arthritis as this diet helps reduce the pain.
    • Going vegan is better for the planet as this reduces high amount of animal consumption and    promotes sustainability.

Can Anyone Be A Vegan?

Again, the answer is in the affirmative but with exceptions. A growing child should not choose this diet because they cannot afford to lose the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that their body needs as they grow up. Absence of such would lead to malnutrition.

Always consult professional help from nutritionists, dieticians and doctors before fiving in into this diet.

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