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What are Vegan Environmental Impact & Sustainability?

A recent article in the UK newspaper “The Times” questioned the ethics of a lifestyle based on eating organic foods, which includes eating eggs, fish, milk and honey. It goes on to say that there is now “convincing evidence that a vegetarian diet can be beneficial not only for health but also for the environment.” The article continues, “But will it reduce the amounts of greenhouse gases that are heating up the planet?”

Veganism and the environment have been at the forefront of debates going on about health and the environment. Why is a vegan diet good for the environment? In part, as discussed in the previous article, it is important to consider what we are doing when we eat. We are not just going vegan because we want to help animals – there is much more to it than that.

A great example is by going vegetarian you are actually helping to save wildlife. Over farming has caused the extinction of many animals, especially in the last 50 years. This article from vegan food addicts anonymous goes into further detail about how an organic and a veggie diet can help preserve wildlife. There are also many vegans who are trying to reduce the impact of their diet on wildlife. For example, there is a veggie and vegan diet combined with learning how to plant more trees.

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Another example of why being a vegan diet good for the environment and why being a vegan diet good for the body is from a presentation by Dr. Temple Grandin, a leading expert on the treatment of autistic children. In her presentation she says that some foods can be made even more nutritious than others, that you can eat a nutrient-rich soup all day long without the feeling of hunger and that by being aware of your balance you can reduce environmental impact. This is an effective way to reduce environmental impact. In her book she also mentions that by going vegan you can reduce childhood obesity.

So what’s so good about a diet, which focuses on plant-based proteins? Well, firstly, this type of diet is one of the most effective ways to deal with inflammation, boost your immune system, reduce depression and fatigue, increase energy, provide essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants, and much more. There are many benefits to this diet and to being a vegan in general. Animal products have a harmful effect on the environment and on humans, with serious implications.

Many vegetarians also think about animal rights, and in some cases that is an important part of their lives. Unfortunately, many other vegans who are not interested in animal rights are simply unaware of the environmental impact that they’re making. It seems that vegetarianism in and of itself doesn’t have the wide range of effects that veganism has. So in order to reduce your environmental impact you need to take steps towards veganism.

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