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The “V” word

So I’m still finding it tough to actually tell people that I’m “vegan.” It’s so much easier to say that I cut back on animal products in my diet or I’m not eating such and such a food. In fact, it’s easier to avoid the conversation altogether. Most of this stems from fearing a confrontation. I don’t feel like facing judgment. I also don’t feel that I should have to explain myself to others.

Yet, one important aspect of “going vegan” is to help spread the word and become an advocate for animal rights and healthy sustainable living. Because this is something that is very important to me and affects my life, I should be unafraid to have those difficult talks with people (if they are willing) where I can share some of the things I’ve learned and some of the reasons behind why I chose to quit eating animal products. Saying that “I’m Vegan” just might lead to a good discussion and help others start thinking about veganism in general.

But it’s still hard. It’s so much easier to hide in my little comfort zone. Perhaps that’s why I started this website. It’s a place where people can come for information and/or discussion about going vegan without feeling like anyone is forcing it upon them. It’s my own little corner of the world for animal rights and ethical living advocacy.

Eating on the run

I starting to get a good idea of what types of food I can eat when I’m out and about doing errands or having lunch with others.

Some good vegan choices:

    – Tokyo Joe’s: brown rice with veggies and either curry or teriyaki sauce (as far as I know the sauces are vegan but I will have to double check)

    – Noodles & Co: Japanese Pan Noodles with tofu or Indonesian Peanut Noodle Saute with tofu (both dishes appear animal-product-free but if you are really picky, double check. The website doesn’t list exact ingredients)

    – Most Indian or Chinese food buffets: Typically you can find some good vegan choices.

    – I always pack a PB&J sandwich and a Larabar to tide me over if I can’t find something and hunger strikes.

So far it’s been pretty easy to compromise and find casual places to eat when I’m with others!

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