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Living vegan isn’t just about food

For me, eating a vegan diet is just one more step in living a caring, compassionate, lower-environmental-impact lifestyle. There are so many “green” sites out there to help you get started on the path to reducing your carbon footprint.

The majority of the time, I feel like I make good choices. I abhor the use of paper towels (so wasteful), I carry my own reuseable bags to the grocery store, I use tupperware containers instead of disposable sandwich baggies, and I try not to give in to silly purchases that will only end up in a landfill after a few uses.

And so, today I made another step towards living a good vegan life. I decided not to buy the designer leather shoes and instead I opted for a pair of cute heels with “all man-made materials.” I had my eye on the fancy leather shoes for some time but in the end, I just could not justify buying and wearing cow leather when I am opposed to eating cow meat. I do, however, already own a nice eco-friendly non-leather purse (given to me as a gift from my enviro-friendly family out in Portland). As far as other leather products go, I plan to say “no more” when it comes to replacing any of my old stuff.

I just hope the cheap shoes will last as long as the leather ones would have. And I hope they are as comfortable as real leather. But then again, since I rarely wear fancy shoes, I think they’ll do okay!

Just chugging along

I’ve decided that after 28 days (the end of February) I’ll end daily posts.

At that time, I will post a monthly update.

Then I can focus more on coming up with good answers to all the outstanding questions I have.

Veganism is slowly becoming my way of life and the days just pass by now and I am not always thinking about what I am going to/not going to eat.

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