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Just how cruel can the meat industry be?

If anybody in the United States did to cats and dogs what the food industry is doing to pigs, cows, and chickens then they would be arrested for animal cruelty and prosecuted. But somehow, when it deals with our food supply, it is okay. I understand that we have about 300 million people in this country to feed. Yet when you can be healthy and cruelty-free then the logical choice is a no-brainer.

Here are some quick facts that stood out to me and helped me make the switch to veganism for good:

Chickens are genetically altered so that their breasts grow at a much faster rate – the faster the chicken goes from egg to supermarket, the more profit for the chicken industry. Yet some chickens cannot even walk due to their bones and muscles not keeping up with breast growth rate. (Food, Inc. the movie, PETA.org)

Chickens are often raised their entire lives in darkness. Their beaks are either clipped or seared off with a hot plate to keep them from pecking at themselves and each other from madness. (Food, inc. and personal interview with a farmer)

Pigs are shown to be smarter than the typical family dog. (check out this article)

Males are useless to the egg and milk industry. Baby male chicks are often ground up alive or thrown into bags in dumpsters. Male calves are taken from their mothers shortly after birth and then turned into veal around 4 months of age. (Vegan Freak and Skinny Bitch)

During slaughter, cows are not always “stunned” properly and may be butchered fully aware (legs chopped off, skin peeled of their heads while they are mooing…). During transport there is no temperature regulation. Many die on trucks on the way to slaughter or else freeze to death and literally stick to the metal because of standing in frozen pee and feces. (PETA.org, Skinny Bitch)

And of course, we have all seen videos of appalling conditions where animals are kept in tiny cages, deprived of fresh air and adequate food, covered in their own excrement. If my neighbor did that alone to his dog, I would call in the authorities. Yet the meat industry is notoriously deceptive about their practices. Most goings-on are kept under wraps behind closed doors.So if people really knew what was going on, would they care to stop it? Or is that bloody burger really worth it all?

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