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Veganism vs. “extreme” diets

It seems as though people find “extreme” dieting easier to accept than what they consider extremism when it comes to political thought or a lifestyle. And many people consider veganism an “extreme” decision. However, the difference is that extreme diets:

1) leave you hungry all the time

2) make you feel negatively towards your body

3) are not sustainable over the long run

4) drive you insane with rigid rules that don’t hold up to minor scrutiny

Veganism is none of these things. It is a way of eating that can easily be followed for a lifetime and it does not lead to crazy feelings of deprivation and body dissatisfaction.

The junkfood vegan

Yes, it is possible to eat unhealthy foods all day and still be considered a vegan. Yet part of the reasoning behind this whole journey was to get away from junk foods (regardless of their animal content) and to start adding healthy and nutritious foods to my diet. It is also very possible to overeat while still being “vegan” and too much health food (or too much sugary candy) will definitely make you feel yucko. So that is what went on the other day.

I’m glad I’m back to eating healthier today. I already notice a difference. But the funny thing is, while overeating “healthy” food like granola, nuts, fruit, corn chips, etc. made me feel stuffed with a headache, it wasn’t near as bad as overeating “unhealthy” food like chocolate, ice-cream, pizza, etc. It was a stuffed and groggy feeling but not a vomity painful feeling. Hard to describe but hey at least I tried. Anyway, life is much better when I’m eating well. My body just feels lighter with more energy and less lethargic. So onward I go.

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