How to become a Vegan- Veganism vs vegetarian ?

Veganism vs. Vegetarian

            You might have heard of the term “veganism” or people going “vegan” and you ask yourself what is the fuss all about? Many people are accustomed to the term vegetarian but not all knows what vegan really is; sure, you get to eat tons of veggies and keeping yourself on a high fiber diet but, veganism is not the same as vegetarian. To shed light, according to Vegetarian Society, “Vegetarians don’t eat products or by-products of slaughter. They don’t eat any foods which have been made using processing aids from slaughter.” On one hand, “veganism” is one type of vegetarian diet that strictly does not include consumption of meat, eggs, dairy and all animal-derived products. What’s special about veganism is that, vegans do not even consume foods that are processed using animal products (e.g.  Refined sugar—they filter it using charred powdered animal bone).

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How To Become A Vegan

            Since this diet has been proven to promote a healthy lifestyle and a change of outlook in food consumption, many individuals have been recently converting to veganism. For beginners, the first inquiry will be, “How to become a vegan?” There are number of ways listed on the web on how one can be a vegan but you must take note that this is not an easy path to begin with plus, you will have to endure phases of transition with a consideration in changing your lifestyle. This includes sacrificing your comfort and food choices you’ve been used to eating ever since the day you were born. It will be difficult for many since most of them have no idea on how to become a vegan and the struggles of it. Here are some things to take note of to aid you in your journey on how to become a vegan:

Take Your Time

  • Do not rush – Becoming a vegan is no easy task, you have to make major lifestyle changes and choose the perfect diet plan to go with your meal preference, so rushing things won’t help you to have a smooth transition.

Learning The Vegan Way

  • Read, Research and Resource – As a newbie, you have to equip yourself with helpful information because ignorance will not help you get through a diet as strict as veganism. As much as possible, you need to learn the do’s and don’ts of being a vegan; doing it right pays off more.
  • Health Benefits – If you are a health nut, this is one good reason why you should opt on becoming a vegan; packed with Vitamins and Minerals, you are surely one step ahead of becoming healthier than ever.
  • Be Open To  Trying Meat Alternatives And Substitutes – Since a plant-based diet is very challenging, you have to consider that vegan food does not have the same texture, taste or feel as that of the animal products you are used to consuming.
  • Ask For Help –It would be stress-free when you know you have a community that has the same discipline as yours.

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