Ever Wonder How Vegan Cheese is Made?

A Vegan and Cheese

            Before giving up on meat and animal products, vegans surely missed cheese the most as it was considered a comfort food for many of us. Wine night wouldn’t be complete without a scrumptious charcuterie having sorts of cheeses; this is a sight of pain for most vegans since they cannot enjoy as much as the non-vegans would because they cannot have dairy products. But as the world of veganism evolves, there have been vegan cheese recipes created and innovated to suit a vegan’s palate with a help of science, of course. Vegan cheese is a non-dairy, plant-based alternative to the normal dairy cheese sold at stores. Even non-vegans will be surprised on how vegan cheese is made using plant-based ingredients that they won’t even expect that it is possible to make it similar as that of a real cheese.

Vegan Cheese,How Vegan Cheese is Made
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What Is Vegan Cheese Made From?

            Ever wonder how a vegan cheese is made? Before elaborating the procedure on how vegan cheese is made, the question really is, what is vegan cheese made from? The answer is, there are several plant-based, non-dairy alternative ingredients in making the base of a cheese. The usual non-vegan cheese is made out of pasteurized milk since it is high in fat, on the other hand, a vegan cheese would use cashews, almonds, tapioca, coconut, tofu, root vegetables and the most commonly used pantry staple, the nutritional yeast.

How Vegan Cheese Is Made

            If you are making it at home, the easiest way is to blend all the ingredients in a blender. In a basic sliceable cashew cheese recipe, all you need are cashew, agar powder, water to thin consistency,herbs, spices, seasonings and nutritional yeast. You can also add dried fruits such as cranberries, raisins or apricots for added flavor. All of these plant-based ingredients will just be mixed together and blended into a blender until a desired consistency be reached. You can modify the taste afterwards by adjusting the amount of seasonings. This goes with vegan cheese made out of almonds as well. The thing with vegan cheeses is that, adding nutritional yeast makes the taste similar to that of a pasteurized cheese—giving you that tangy, aged flavor that you get from normal non-vegan cheese.

Is It healthy?

            The recipe may sound great but it will still depend on how you make it. Because sometimes, you tend to overdo the recipe wanting to create something that very much resembles the taste of a real cheese; it means that, you might be adding to much salt, too much sweeteners that it can be considered as a vegan junk food already. It is the same issue when you try to buy it from the stores—you have to make sure that you check the nutritional facts labeled in every vegan product that you buy. What you should be considering is that: the vegan cheese should be low in sodium, no fillers or binders such as oil with minimal ingredients used.

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