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Benefits of veganism: Are Vegans Healthier?

Are Vegans Healthier?

Being vegan nowadays seems to be the newest trend since this generation has been exposed to new discoveries and innovative health,and wellness research studies. This has been an era where people, even the younger generations have opted on cutting down on meat and dairy consumption making the number of vegans quadrupled over time. The most common reasons for going vegan are the health benefits it may provide to one’s body as this plant-based diet is high in fiber but lower in cholesterol, salt and fat as that of a carnivorous diet. But there are still debates going on whether this strict diet is worth it because many individuals have claimed that a lot of vegans are healthier compared to people whose food are not based solely on plants. But, are vegans healthier really? The answer may depend on a given situation.

Vegans Vs. Non-Vegans

It is difficult to choose your food options based on other people’s unsolicited advice since your food preference is very personal. It is indeed true that food is very important as it replenishes the nutrients and energy lost in our bodies so the kind of food intake should be thought of more carefully. An overwhelming dietary change may affect food absorption thus, an ongoing food biases stand between vegans and non-vegans. Vegans, obviously claim that having a plant-based diet is much healthier while non-vegans still continue to pose the question, “Are vegans healthier than any of us?” there are always pros and cons to any issue so one cannot fully claim that one is healthier than the other. There are science-based health benefits and there are also unfavorable risks involves in both diets; it will always boil down to a case to case condition.

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Benefits Of Being A Vegan

  • Eating vegan diet has a lower risk of heart disease since it is low in cholesterol, salt and fat.
  • Vegan diet provides more vitamins and minerals such as: potassium, magnesium, folate and vitamins A, C and E that you don’t usually get from consuming meat and dairy products. Can help you lose weight— going vegan is a good option if you are trying to lose a considerable amount of weight.
  • Lowers blood sugar and improves your kidney’s function
  • It is also high in fiber and antioxidants that prevents you from having cancer.
  • It has affirmative effects on people who have arthritis as this diet helps reduce the pain.
  • Going vegan is better for the planet as this reduces high amount of animal consumption and promotes sustainability.

Disadvantages Of Being A Vegan

  • Not all vegan diets are equal—some may provide insufficient amount of nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, iodine or zinc. If then asked, are vegans healthier? In this case, the answer is not really.
  • Not all vegetables are always in season.
  • Most people or restaurants are unwelcoming to the idea of veganism.
  • Some vegan products are not accessible in certain areas.
  • Some vegan products are not always affordable.

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