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13 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria – 2022

In Nigeria, there are several chances to start profitable enterprises that can pay you more each week than a Level 12 government employee would in two months.

Although you could believe it to be a joke, there is enough proof to prove it is not.

In Nigeria, do you want to start a business that moves quickly or one that is only marginally profitable?

You must read this essay from beginning to end in order to completely understand it.

Despite the popular misconception that they can’t be, small businesses can be powerful.

However, there are a lot of productive, active little businesses that bring in a lot of money quickly.

I want to create a small business for two reasons: management simplicity and personal independence.

If you’re currently having trouble coming up with a strong, compelling small business concept, you’re in luck.

Because the material you’re going to read is the best there is on the subject.

Fast-Moving Lucrative businesses in Nigeria For You

1. Gas Refilling

Nigeria annually utilizes more than 100,000 tonnes of gas.
Surprised. Right? It is a fact. Starting a small gas refilling business can cost as little as N150,000.

As a small business, operating without a license could result in significant financial savings.
Since there is a sizable market for this industry, everyone can profit from it.

However, there are several risks connected to this business because of the high flammability of a gas station.

Even yet, if you take enough precautions, you can always avoid these risks.
You never know when you might need a fire extinguisher, so have one close by at all times.

2. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

In Nigeria, new companies that sell food and other products that individuals can consume while traveling are opening up every day.
By searching for them on Google, you can get in touch with them (New FMCG companies in Nigeria).
You may start this business from home and make a ton of cash as a distributor for one of the many companies out there.
All that is necessary is to register.
To learn more about this business, you can perform a search on the Internet.

3. Freelancing

Many people are not aware that working for oneself is an option.

One of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria today is one where you can sell your services to customers.
You can advertise your services in a variety of places to entice new customers.

Some of these platforms make the claim that they can help you find new clients quickly. You should read the reviews before using any of the goods.

If you are good at anything and want to advertise your skills to everyone.

You can establish a freelancer business using any of the websites that are available online.
Promote your services and look for new customers. This is a lucrative sector, and many people greatly benefit from it.

4. Social Media Marketing

This is without a doubt a successful business because so many people in Nigeria spend so much time on social media these days.

Utilizing social media to find potential customers and connect them with possible suppliers is known as social media marketing.

If you decide to work independently, you can promote and sell your own products using social media, or you can advise businesses on how to utilize social media effectively.

5. Poultry/Snail farming

In general, Nigerians enjoy eating meat, but this is especially true around the holidays. Turkey and chicken are their favorites.

Anyone in Nigeria with a small initial investment can launch a successful chicken farming business.
On the other hand, Nigeria has a huge unrealized potential for snail farming.

There are many options and possibilities provided by this company.

Besides the ones already stated, there are a lot more farm business ideas.
After doing some research, pick the one that best meets your needs, your area, and your financial situation.

6. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is yet another incredibly lucrative online company in Nigeria.
You can start your own online business without the requirement for a warehouse or inventory.
Create an online store first, then copy and upload inventory from vendors or producers.
If a customer places an order, the supplier will fill it, and you’ll get paid!
Any platform, including Shopify and WooCommerce, can be used to build an online store.

7. Sachet Water Business

Water is one of the few things that humanity cannot live without.
Water is so important that the sachet water sector is a part of this list.

Currently, 180 million people live in Nigeria. Everyone desires to drink pure water.

You could use this chance to your advantage.

You can either start by retailing or reselling as a distributor because starting a water business requires significant upfront costs.

Customers will always want to buy from you, which will make your business very successful.

8. Dry Cleaning Business

If you wash clothes as a profession, especially if you live in a rural area, you may make a lot of money.

Most people who are very busy hire dry cleaners to handle their laundry since they are so trustworthy and affordable.

Starting out doesn’t require as much cash, but as you make money, you might consider reinvesting some of it.

Purchasing tools like a washing machine and employing workers can not only expand your clientele but also improve the standard of your services.

Many companies and organizations have regular needs for a reputable dry cleaning service.

You won’t ever run out of customers if you are in the ideal location for your business.

9. Mini Importation Business

Despite major changes over the years, importation remains one of Nigeria’s most successful business tactics.

The owners of this business are Nigerians who have earned huge money over time.

A “small importation” business frequently seeks to import goods for a low price.

A “small importation” business frequently seeks to import goods for a low price.

Afterward, you keep the profits from selling those items for more money. You may begin if you have N100,000 or less.

10. Restaurant

You might open a modest restaurant that caters to a certain clientele of diners who enjoy certain meals.
You might, for instance, open a “Calabar restaurant” where you serve the legendary Edika-ikong and Afang soups.
People who enjoy this kind of cuisine frequently come back for you.
You have the option to start a “amala restaurant” where you will only serve delicious amala cuisine.
Having requirements may be crucial when it comes to a local restaurant. It has the power to change everything.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Despite major changes over the years, importation remains one of Nigeria’s most successful business tactics.

Affiliate marketing is the last subject we’ll discuss; it’s a fantastic choice if you want to start earning money right away.

People can now sign up to become affiliates of a number of programs in Nigeria.
The affiliate programs of Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and countless more businesses are just a few of them.

You can become an affiliate marketer by simply suggesting products to customers. As such, you will get paid for each purchase that a customer makes.

Given that they frequently make more money from it, this is a great business idea for people who have a website or a sizable following.

12. Event Planning

Do you have experience planning events?

If yes, you may start your own event planning business from the comfort of your own home.
Yeah! Yes, there isn’t an office.

Many different people use event planners every day to help them organize a variety of occasions, such as weddings, reception parties, and other events.

Due to the fact that many people don’t want to deal with the stress of organizing major events, there is a huge demand for event planners.

All you have to do is make your services visible to those you suspect may be in need by posting them on social media, in forums, and directly to them.

Some people who run this business make a lot of money but don’t have an office

13. Bet Shop

Another great idea for a small business is a betting store.

Any of the major bookies, including bet9ja, BetKing, and others, will hire you as an agent. Your registration will be accepted by any of them.
You make money as an agent through commissions and bonuses.

This business is extremely profitable and can be started with little money.

To run your own betting shop, you only need a place, a sign promoting the sports betting company you work for, two desktop computers, a small flat-screen TV, good Internet, and a steady power source.

This business can be started for about N250,000.